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All Roof Tiles is a leading roof tiles/roof sheets manufacturer in China that you can finally trust your roofing to. We produce PVC, UPVC and APVC Corrugated Sheets, ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles, Anti-corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets and FRP Purlins for industrial and houses.

Significant things to know about Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated Plastic Sheets are produced using polypropylene copolymer. These high effect twin-wall sheets are utilized in a wide range of businesses for different applications. Corrugated plastic is likewise alluded to as "fluted Plastic" and is available in various sorts of thicknesses and colors. They come with both features such as fire resistance and non-fire resistance.


Corrugated Plastic Sheet


There are two types of plastic sheets that incorporate wave-like and twin-wall. However, here our discussion will be centered on twin-wall plastic also called fluted plastic board.


PVC Corrugated Roofing is essentially shaped from polypropylene equipped with the potential of opposing chemicals, ultra-violet rays, solvents, oils and water at typical temperatures. Therefore, this plastic can withstand brutal climate conditions and is corrosion-resistant acknowledging it ideal for an assortment of outside applications.



It is lightweight yet solid due to its structure that makes it perfect for some assembling and mechanical applications. The material likewise can also be created in an assortment of hues to match brand colors.



Basically, twin-wall Corrugated Plastic Sheets is two sheets of plastic combined with an empty center of vertical plastic connectors. For instance, cardboard has an empty wavy bit of board connecting two level pieces together.




Used for promotional and marketing activities for installing indoor and outside signage and designs
Storage and packaging items are produced such as baskets, boxes, containers and association materials
Utilized for auto inside parts, boards and side walls in the automotive industry
The temporary dividers and defensive covers are made with these in industrial and construction industries
Applies in home outfitting and stage designing with wall fitting items, stage decorations, and much more


Since you now know the highlights and advantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheets, hence you can use this sort of plastic as an economical solution for your promotion, mechanical, automotive, packaging or home outfitting needs. Also ensure that you choose the best manufacturer in the market for rooftop plastic tiles and sheets such as WuXi JuLi Building Material Co., Ltd. If interested, please get in touch with us now for a quote at - info@allrooftiles.com or call us at - (86) 17718148007

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